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I still cannot believe how romantic this is visually. The light on their faces is so warm and soft it could be from a fire. Cas has such a tender look on his face and just addgjkklkkh

#reminder that the lighting people did that on purpose #reminder that Jensen and Misha did that on purpose

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when you can no longer use the “my mom said no” excuse to avoid hanging out with someone bc ur getting older

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jared padalecki + brilliant acting

"Season 8’s finale was stolen by Padalecki’s amazing acting, and it looks like he just might take Season 9 as well. ” [x]

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every cut rate villain thinks they can analyze dean winchester like he’s just daddy issues in a leather jacket, well fuck them. he’s so much better than that, so much stronger and kinder, so much more. fuck every villain who thinks they can get inside his head when they don’t understand his heart. 

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Did William Shatner just ask Hank Green to be on his GISHWES team?

He did, and I really don’t know how to feel about it. Like…he’s William Shatner…does he really need /my/ help?

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